Ulysses piano days: “New Age For Every Age” Matej Meštrović, Matthew Mayer i Antonija Pacek

LOCATION: Veliki Brijun – the yard of the Ethnographic Museum
The boat (Fažana – Veliki Brijun) leaves at 8:00 PM.


Pianist and composer Matej Mestrovic, who has been active on our scene for years, has achieved a number of remarkable international successes in recent times. After winning many awards, he became the exclusive performer of the powerful American record label Parma Recordings, and with performances from around the world, last year, his own song “Danube Rhapsody” accompanied by the symphony orchestra wrapped up in the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York.

In the role of the host of the program “New Age For Every Age”, he invited two successful colleagues, choosing a fluid and affectionate expression as he always inclined himself. Some call it “new age”, some “neoclassical”, but for him and the authors-artists that he chose, Antony Pacek, Osijek with the Vienna address, and Matthews Mayer from Omaha, this is primarily music full of emotions. This intimate and sophisticated ambiance, a close compilation for the film, is ungratefully categorized and forced down with the cold genre terminology.