C. McCarthy: The Sunset Limited


LOCATION: Fortress Minor, Mali Brijun
PRODUCTION: Zvezdara Theatre
The Boat (Fažana – Mali Brijun) leaves at 8:30 PM.


The show features only two characters Crni (Black) and Beli (White). Before the start of the show, Crni rescues Beli from getting under the train and takes him to his apartment where the entire play takes place. Crni is a former convict and believer, while Beli is an Atheist and a professor. They are discussing human suffering, about why to live and whether to live, the reasons why Beli tried suicide. The performance does not offer simple answers to questions, it wants the audience to think and come up with their answers.

“Based on the drama of American writer Cormac McCarthy, the two-hander The Sunset Limited directed by Voja Brajović has thematically overlapped with the play “Face” in the motives of affirming Christian principles, forgiving, self-cleaning from malice and envy. Production Voz (The Sunset Limited) is a repertoire hit for the exceptional incentive of the text and precise acting of actors, Sergej Trifunovic (Crni) and Voja Brajovic (Beli). “

(Ana Tasić for Politika, January 2016)



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