Solemn celebration of the Ulysses Theatre’s 20th Anniversary – Rade Šerbedžija and friends


Don’t miss the spectacular celebration of the Ulysses Theatre’s 20th Anniversary


On the 2nd of August, on the isle of Mali Brijun the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the Ulysses Theatre will be celebrated with a concert by Rade Šerbedžija and the band Zapadni kolodvor, alongside several other musical guests: Darko Runder, Damir Urban, Dabi Novak, Vlatko Stefanovski, Maja Posavec, Putokaz, Nigel Osborne, Jure Ivanušič, Mimi Šerbedžija, among others. As part of the program there will be live transmissions on a projector screen by actors and long-time friends of the theatre from all over the world. The audience will be offered a retrospective of the work done in the past two decades, with hitherto unseen material. This will also be an opportunity to rejoice in the theatre’s rich history as seen through its repertoire, actors and a selection of key moments.

The celebration has been conceived as a sail-in program on the seaside, the concert and the projection taking place on a stage on the edge of the seaside and on the pier of the isle of Mali Brijun, with some highly anticipated large projector screens, as in large outdoor concerts, while the audience will follow the unfolding of the program from ships in the bay.

Audience members can reserve their seats on one of the ships working with the Ulysses Theatre or arrive by way of their own ships, with prior announcement.


For audience members who will spectate from the ships in collaboration with the Ulysses Theatre:

– The ships will set sail from Fažana for Mali Brijun at 20:30h.

– The number of audience members on said ships is restricted so as to be able to respect the measures taken to maintain social distancing in the open air.

– Every spectator is obliged to have his or her own face mask, and upon boarding the ship will have their temperature measured and hands disinfected.


For audience members who will spectate from their private ships:

– The number of spectators on one ship is equal to the restricted number of passengers according to the Sailing Regulations.

– The maximum length allowed for a ship in the bay is up to 9m.

– The owner of the ship is obliged to make the necessary reservation, and following the completed reservation he or she will receive instructions on how to buy the tickets to the performance.

– Every passenger on said ship must have a ticket in order to participate.

– Upon buying tickets for the passengers of the private ship, the owner(s) will receive at the very latest on the 30th of July precise details as to how to steer their ship into the bay of Mali Brijun, will have their sailing license checked at sea, will receive information on the organisation of the program and the reserved spot for the ship.


All additional information can be received at: / 091 918 0598.