Zijah A. Sokolović: “Left Right An Actor”

LOCATION: Summer Open-air Cinema, Veliki Brijun
The boat (Fažana – Veliki Brijun) leaves at 8:00 PM.


William Shakespeare said “Theatre is a mirror of reality,” Antonin Artaud said “Reality is a mirror of the theatre”. If actors appear in the theatre, then it is logical, that actors appear in reality. Our reality is the theatre in which we all both havem, and play our roles. Aristotle said “Theatre consists of Time, Space and Action”. But our life also includes Time, Space and Action. Our reality is the great theatre. Miroslav Krleža said “Acting is self-sufficient. It can be used in theatre, on film and television, but it can also be used in reality. ” Our reality, our life is the production and play of public and personal roles. Zijah A. Sokolovic, in a witty, philosophical way, through cabaret, with a number of examples and a comparison of reality and theatrical art, teaches the audience to realize that they are “actors in their theatre” and that they can be artists in their lives. If their living “given circumstances of the first dramatic action” are analyzed theatrically in an objective way.



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