PUTOKAZI – presentation of the new album “MEANDRI”


The legendary Rijeka “Putokazi” presents their new, 14th album called “Meandri” to the music public. This unique musical phenomenon has been on the scene for thirty-six years, from album to album, from generation to generation, through more than 400 singers bravely exploring, contemplating music outside the box and with a recognizable smile preserving what is rarely encountered today – commitment and approach honed to perfection.

“We decided to scratch the deepest. Consistent with ourselves, we immersed ourselves in a new project from Beginning to Death. The compositions in Meanders of Signposts are journeys that change course, riverbeds, sharp and winding with changes of direction, but always with a final goal. is always at the end of a new beginning.The world of true values ​​disappears, whatever it really is.Music, immersed in consumerism, becomes only a mirror of time.No and Nothing is respected anymore.We are not at all humble, not even for a short time, a moment flickers.While, only sometimes , let’s listen to the deja vu melody of the song sung by our Grandma, it’s time to cry.For the search for the lost ourselves.For love, cooperation, good and Light.If you haven’t met darkness, you won’t know how to appreciate Light.If you don’t respect Sadness and Death, you won’t know how to respect Life. “, they say about the new Signposts project.

The vocal performance of the singer Putokaz in “Meanders” is accompanied by autochthonous string instruments and percussion in the traditional rhythms of Primorje, Croatia, but also all over the world in a unique whole that bursts with top performance. The stage movement was designed by choreographer Benjamin Hrupački, and the styling of the singer by stylists Igor Dobranić and Tajči Čekada.

The author is Miranda Đaković, the instrumental arrangements were set by Zoran Majstorović and Iztok Turk.