International relations/outreach


Ulysses Theatre, based in Croatia, is a crossover point for exchange between the East and West. Its creation and endurance makes it one of the most significant and successful cultural events in Croatia and South-Eastern Europe of the last twenty-five years. Founded by actor Rade Šerbedžija and writer Borislav Vujčić in 2001, it is based in the Brijuni archipelago, in the pristine northern region of the Adriatic Sea. Each summer, Ulysses offers transformative experiences to lovers of art and nature from around the world, with new stagings of classic plays, world premières, concerts, recitals, and readings. Nearly all summer performances take place beneath the open sky in the 150-year-old Austro-Hungarian Fort Minor, which houses three separate amphitheatres on different levels.

Above all, Ulysses is an aesthetic and intellectual meeting place for different artists and cultures, a propulsive space for artistic exploration of the current moment. For it is theatre that opens critical dialogues in public forums, and searches for answers to the questions our time cruelly posits.

Ulysses Theatre cooperates with theatres and arts organisations across Europe and the world to bring work to Brijuni and, to take Ulysses’ own productions and performances abroad. Indeed, the enduring aim of Ulysses Theatre is to continue to be a magnet for cultural exchange in this multicultural region.


Ulysses International works with theatres and other arts companies from across Europe to bring their work to the Ulysses festival, either as guest productions or as collaborations with Ulysses itself, and to take Ulysses productions to theatres outside the Balkans.

We also intend to lead a large outreach program to promote the theatre and other arts activities around Ulysses to encourage cultural tourism from other countries, with Ulysses acting as a magnet to attract people to come to the Balkans and to experience the unique cultural heritage of the region. We intend to make Ulysses more accessible to visitors than it has been to date, and have begun employing technology such as subtitles to allow theatre in the local language to be understood and appreciated by international cultural tourists.




Head of International Outreach

Lidija Udovički


Telephone: +385.99.876.0323

Address: Trg Sv. Kuzme i Damjana 5, 52212 Fažana, Croatia


Executive Manager of International Outreach

Mario Gigović


Telephone: +385.91.169.9026

Address: Trg Drage Iblera 5, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia