Artistic director

Lenka Udovički is a theatre director and artist whose career includes collaboration with world renowned artists and cultural institutions.

She graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade where she began her career directing theatre across all of former Yugoslavia. (“Women in Colorful Skirts” by M. Bjelić, “Praying for a Little Luck” by S. Andjelić and L. Udovički, “Chamber Music” by Arthur Kopita, “Deadly Motorism” by A. Popović, “Opera for Two Dinars” by B. Nušić, her own adaptation, “Mother Courage” by B. Brecht adapted by Borislav Vujčić, “Antigone” by Dušan Jovanović).
In 1994 she joined Vanessa Redgrave, Corin Redgrave, Kiki Markham and Ekkehart Schall to found the Moving Theatre Company.

For the Moving Theatre, Udovički directed “Waterfall” by V. Stevanović, “Arsonists” by Max Frisch with Frances de la Tour (Riverside Studio), “The Consul” by Menotti (Leighton House), “Necessary Targets” by Eve Ensler (with Glenn Close in the lead role).
She directed “History’s Rhyme” for English National Opera Studio in London’s Limelight club and “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare in Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre with Vanessa Redgrave, as well as the premiere of the opera “A Better Place” by Martin Butler for the English National Opera. For Opera Circus she directed the premiere of the sevdah opera “Differences in Demolition” by Nigel Osborne and Shoreline (in co-production with the Scottish Ballet and the Hebrides Ensemble).

For the UCLA Live festival in 2009 she directed Medea with Annette Bening in the title role.

She has worked as an external lecturer at the California Institute of the Arts and UCLA in Los Angeles. In 2011, co-operating with Nataša Govedić, she directed the performance “Unbreakable String – Workers in Culture” for workers in textile industry, supporting former workers of Kamensko factory, who themselves also participated in the performance.

In 2013 she directed a multimedia project “Henry V” by William Walton with the Zagreb Philharmonic conducted by Sir Neville Marriner in the Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall in Zagreb.

For Ulysses Theatre, Udovički has directed a number of performances in the past 15 years, and in 2012 became the artistic director of the Ulysses Theatre. Notable Brijuni projects include the theatrical blockbuster King Lear, Medea, Marat/Sade, Core Sample, Hamlet, Drunken Night in 1918 , Romeo and Juliet in ’68., Storm, Cabaret Brecht – Rise of Arturo Ui, Deceased, Shakespeare in the Kremlin and Antigone – 2000 years later.