Breakfast of the Champion

“I was pursued by a desire to succeed in what I felt I was good at.
Some kind of a Promethean fire, will to gain higher aims.
As soon as I went into it, I had to be the best.
If it weren’t for my persistence, I would never have reached the peak.”

MATE PARLOV- International theatre project

LOCATION: Fortress Minor, Mali Brijun

OPENING NIGHT: 12th August
PREVIEW NIGHT: 11th August
REGULAR SHOWS: 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th August 2017

PRODUCTION: Theatre Ulysses & BITEF theatre, Serbia



“Breakfast of the Champion” is a creative project of a team of authors from different art fields drawn together by a single persona, a person that we know or know of because we heard, read, listened about or cheered for that person. Celebrities often seem much more familiar then they truly are, so we sometimes make assumptions about their personalities, even more often than about our own. We are quick to make conclusions about their virtues and flaws, we are quick to make conclusions about their lives, reasons and decisions, we are quick to believe that we know things that we only assume. In this sense, every celebrity, whether an athlete or an actress, has already become a fictional character in our mind that we have described ourselves and his or her life has become a story that we have written and tell ourselves. Thus, we tell tales of others in different genres, turning their lives into mini dramas or comedies or grand tragedies, depending on our own experiences.  We can tell a tale only about other people, about their lives because we witness them. Our own life stories are still unfolding, we are still living them. What remains is to hope that the witnesses of our lives will be kind enough to arrange the facts and events of our lives in shades of colours that we love and speak those sentences that we ourselves would repeat without shame. This was our guiding principle in producing the play inspired by a real person, one of the greatest champions of our sports history; we knew that we would ultimately create a fictional character that will be real enough to make us believe it is him, but all of us will know in the end that this was not him, but rather that it was our story about someone else.


Nataša Rajković (dramaturg)



DIRECTOR: Aleksandar Švabić

COPRODUCTION: Theatre Ulysses and BITEF

DRAMATURGY: Nataša Rajković

SCENOGRAPHY: Davor Sanvincenti

COREOGRAPHY: Staša Zurovac

MUSIC: Damir Urban

COSTUME DESIGN: Maria Marković

LIGHT DESIGN: Andrej Hajdinjak


CAST: Slavko Štimac, Dejan Dedić, Katarina Bistrović-Darvaš, Lucija Šerbedžija, Jerko Marčić